5 Tips to Convert Your Garage Into a Living Space

Long gone are the days where a garage was simply a place to store your car. Now, many people choose to take their boring, dirty garages and convert them into beautiful living spaces that are used to hang out with friends, get work done, or get a great work out in. If you’re considering starting the process of creating a garage that acts as an extension to the rest of your home, check out these five tips!

Add Several Windows

Most garages don’t come with windows, or if they do they only have one or two. Adding windows in your garage is a great way to let in some natural light and let a breeze in on hot days. If you plan on using your garage as a work out room, you’ll appreciate the ventilation for sure!

Consider an HVAC System

Depending on where you live, your garage can become unbearably hot in the summers or extremely cold in the winter months without a heating and cooling system installed. Enjoy hanging out in your garage all year long and keep electronics safe by installing an HVAC system.

Resurface the Floors

If you’ve used your garage in the past for parking cars or as a work station, chances are your floors have accumulated quite a bit of unattractive stains. While a large rug might be able to cover a lot of the damage, resurfacing your floors isn’t too expensive and will make your garage floor look like new! Epoxy concrete floors, acrylic paint, and concrete stain all create a unique look.

Paint the Walls

If you’re using your garage as a home office or man cave, chances are you would feel more at home with walls painted to your tastes! An airless sprayer can make the job a lot easier if you have an especially large garage.

Install Outlets

Outlets will be useful in your garage no matter how you want to use it. Play music, watch television, or use all your power tools- you’ll need electricity!