Could China’s Housing Bubble Bring Down The International Economy?

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I’m not really certain why it would take so long to have reached this choice – given the potential ramifications we could all have accomplished with a prompt resolution (notwithstanding the threat of the two LPA’s dragging this out to the Supreme Court – irrespective of the arguments for and against this policy I hope they will see that any additional expenditure will be waste as it is very clear that the Government will seek to enable this policy one particular way or yet another).

Whilst every scheme would still have to give a reasonable preference to certain classes of people (e.g. the homeless and these in overcrowded accommodation), individual authorities could determine the priority each group were to be offered within the scheme and could even exclude certain classes of men and women from the scheme: s.160ZA and s.166A, Housing Act 1996 (as inserted by Localism Act 2011).

I guess all I can say is that in Minneapolis, where I grew up, there had been and nevertheless are a lot of apartment complexes owned and operated by non-profit inexpensive housing developers with the stated goal of supplying reasonably priced housing, and that state policy – at least at a single time – was geared towards assisting these developers with lower property tax rates, etc.

But it tends to make sense that interest rates would impact construction rates, and it is correct that the years with the lowest interest prices also tended to have the most applications for developing permits (though with plenty of variation), so low interest prices at 1 point means much more housing available a couple of years later.