We all know someone who has a very special eye for the design and fashion industry. Their house looks like an interior decorators dream come true. Their wardrobe looks like calvin klein’s closet. They always are driving a stylish new car. All of this can seem like it costs an arm and  a leg. You may find yourself wondering “How can I afford this”. Fret no more! This helpful guide will walk you through some easy tips and tricks to keep you on the cutting edge of fashion and design.

Always go directly to the manufacturer rather than shopping at other retail stores.

While box stores like jc penny and dillards are great because of their large selection they can sometimes be more expensive than going directly to the source. Looking for old navy clothes? Go directly to Old Navy for the best deals and savings. Fancy a new tommy hilfiger jacket? Head on over to his website for the best deal. Need a new pair of nikes? The nike outlet or their website is the best place to start looking. Going directly to the manufacturer is consistently the best deal you can find on various products.

Check outlets and scratch and dent shops

Many brands such as old navy have an outlet location. These outlets typically have a large selection of items that have been deemed “defective”. Garments deemed defective have typically not passed inspection for one reason or another. They can be failed for something as simple as having a missing button or having a crooked seam. These defects are often so small that they cant be noticed by an untrained eye. Why not save money?

Spend Time looking at Consignment shops to check for deals

As fashions change every month many people head to consignment shops to sell their garments and recoup some of their losses. Perusing the wares at one of these shops is likely to give you some fantastic deals. One mans trash is another man’s treasure. Consider visiting the consignment shop near you for the newest and latest fashion deals.