Insuring Your Horse

Horses are truly incredible animals. They are beautiful and have a sense of magnificence about them, which is part of why people have long had a bond with these amazing creatures. Throughout history, people have owned horses and depended on them for work and for transportation. This inter-dependence makes it all the more important for those who own horses to be sure to take full responsibility for their animals.

People who own horses and who ride them, whether competitively or for their own enjoyment, should always have horse medical insurance to cover their animal in case of illness, injury or death. The reality of horse ownership is that these powerful animals are subject to illness like any other living creature, and the veterinarian bills for treating the animal can be costly. Though it’s hard to have to think about a beloved animal in dollar terms, the reality is that a horse that is very sick is expensive to treat. That’s why there are many forms of equine medical insurance available to cover those expenses, so owners can sleep well at night.

The other issue for horses is the need for treatment of injuries. This is an especially big issue for horses that compete in horse shows. The odds of a horse become injured during races and jumping competitions is high, which is why it’s so important for an owner to have coverage that allows for treatment of various types of injury.

Liability Insurance

Another aspect of horse insurance for an owner is the liability that comes with having a large animal. Professional liability insurance is available for those who work with horses on a professional level. This includes riding instructors, horse trainers, show judges groomers and other professionals whose work is involved with horses. Professional liability insurance will protect professionals from damages should they become involved in a lawsuit due to a horse’s actions that lead to injury or property damage. An example of a lawsuit might be when a riding student is injured due to a horse losing control from an instructor’s command. Liability insurance ensures that the trainer has protection in the form of payment of legal fees or settlement costs in a lawsuit.

Yes, owning a horse or working with a horse professionally is a beautiful experience, but the reality is that there are risks involved, which is why having solid insurance coverage is so neccessary.