Home décor trends are never constant and that’s what makes them popular. With the arrival of internet and online shopping; the trend to decorate your home as per your heart’s desire has become immensely famous and more convenient as well.

Thinking of giving your home a new makeover this year? Here are top 10 home décor trends you should be using in your home in 2017 which will give it a brand new look.

  1. Furniture:


Go for compact furnishing items. For instance; a nice leather couch placed in the living room will create a more stylish impact then adding the traditional sofa sets.

Similarly; go for bean bags in your bedroom or kitchen instead of the usual chairs to give it a trendier look.

  1. Beddings:


Choosing the right kind of beddings for your bedroom will get half job done when it comes to decorating your home.

In 2017; say yes to silk bedding sets which are available in beautiful colors and designs with matching comforters and pillow sets.

  1. Bedside Lamps:


When it comes to adding some trendy décor to your bedroom; bedside lamps have never gone out of style.

These days, matching bedside lamps with the curtains or the wall paints have become very popular so this year, you should also go for that.

  1. Funky Cushions:


Yet another important home décor trend which has always been in fashion and still going strong is to grab hold of funky and vivacious colored cushions for your bedroom or living room.

Since spring season is here now; this is a wonderful time to get your hands on some great deals on cushions and pillow sets.

  1. Wall Art:


Parallel arranged wall art or family portraits nicely set on the walls in symmetrical order is in fashion these days.

Moreover, you can also go for metallic wall art or vintage themed paintings and sculptures for your drawing room or living room so that they may give a royal and antique look.

  1. Wall Paint:


Now wall paint is something that requires a lot of attention and careful planning.

Since you won’t be able to replace the wall paint soon; make sure that your choice of colors should be as per the latest standards and give your home a very modern and up to date look.

  1. Windows:


2017 is all about experimenting with unique and innovative home décor trends. Now windows are an essential part of any room.

However, a huge square shaped window situated right in the middle of the wall is the next big thing so go ahead and apply the same in your living room today!

  1. Mirrors:


The trend of adding mirrors to your home décor is here to stay. Not only they serve the basic purpose of helping you to dress up but also they fulfill the requirement of being an ornamental accessory for your living room or bedroom walls.

You can buy them in different colors, shapes and designs as per your need.

  1. Wood Work:


You might be wondering if woodwork applied to home décor is a taboo thing.

Here’s good news! It’s still very much in trend and you can apply it to any room in your home without having a second thought about it so go for it today!

  1. Plantations:


When it comes to adding plantations in your home décor; make sure that you go for natural ones instead of the artificial flowering.

Not only natural plantations are easy to maintain but they also make your home an allergy-free zone, thus, keeping you and your loved ones healthy and fresh.

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This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at http://www.mybedcomforter.com/