5 Tips for Troubleshooting a Wine Cooler

A wine cooler is designed to keep the product cold, while limiting the amount of humidity inside the appliance. If you notice condensation, lessening in cooling properties, leaks or the cooler quits working, you may need to have a repair performed. Below are a few things you can troubleshoot that might shed light on the problems you are experiencing.

Electrical Source Problems

If your wine cooler is not feeling as cold as it should, the first thing to check is that the appliance is plugged in securely. You may also want to check and see if the breaker has kicked “off” and is not supplying the electricity needed to run the cooler. This might seem like a simple solution, but often enough, this is the case.


Wine coolers that are built with a compressor are dependent on the thermostat working correctly to stay at the right temperature range. You need to consult your owners manual and see if your particular model uses a compressor. Water leaks can also be a sign that the compressor is having trouble.

Door Seal

Problems with the door seal can make the cooler feel warmer inside. The door may not be closing all the way, or there might be gaps allowing the cool air to escape. Check the edges to make sure the unit is firmly closed. Pull the door open and test the resistance. If it opens easily, there may be a problem with the door seal. There should be at least a little resistance.

Improper Venting

Having the wine cooler sitting too close to walls, or other objects can block the air return vents. Improper venting makes a dramatic difference in the performance of the unit. Keep these areas clear, whether they are located on the front or back.

Exposed to Sunlight and Outside Heat Sources

Most wine coolers have a solid glass door. It looks attractive, but when placed near sunlight or open heat sources, the ability for the appliance to cool effectively diminishes. Keep the cooler in an area that is away from windows, heaters and stoves.

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