How to Manage Home-Maintenance Tasks

When you own a home, there are countless repairs and upgrades that are necessary every year. From shampooing the carpet to painting the exterior, these tasks can add up in time and money if they aren’t properly managed. Get your home on track so that everything is updated on a regular basis. Your property’s value will rise as a result.

Set Out a Timeline


Stand in each part of the home. Make a list of to-do items that are as detailed as possible. Categorize those items even further by their priority. Shampooing the carpet should be a yearly task, but replacing the roof is a long-term goal. By knowing which items require attention first, you can plan out a reasonable schedule.

Tackle the simple projects on the weekend. Save those in-depth tasks, such as painting the bathroom, for a week that you take off from work.


Allocate Funds


With your list in logical order, start saving for the projects. Go online so that you can estimate the cost of a project with today’s material and labor prices. Ideally, save a little bit more than you see estimated online. Your quote might be slightly different because of structural factors.

Consider a loan to cover large projects too. These loans are often low in price because they’re designed to add value to the property.


Decide Between DIY and Contractors

Many home-maintenance tasks are easy to complete for the average homeowner. However, consider professional services for those hard-to-reach projects. Hiring a chimney sweep Washington DC is a good idea because working on this structure takes experience, training and proper tools.

Save basic projects for the family to complete. Painting, swapping out shower heads and other small chores make a huge difference in a home’s appearance. If an issue does arise, a contractor can always complete the work.

If you’re planning on a property sale in the near future, make sure that the home is ready for an inspection. Fire detectors, electrical upgrades and other details must meet local codes. With a safe house, a sale can go through without any delays.