Planning for the Addition of a Deep Freeze Unit

Being able to purchase large quantities of frozen items on sale is a great way to save money, but you need to have the right amount of space for storage. This may lead you to the idea of purchasing a deep freeze unit. Proper planning needs to be done before the purchase in order to ensure it will fit and function the way you need.

Size Versus Available Space

Apartments and condominiums offer the least amount of space when planning on adding a deep freeze appliance, but there are ways to add additional freezer space by purchasing the right size. There are units available that are rectangular, upright, or chunky block-style. The smaller sizes do not have a lot of freezer capacity, but it can still double your current freezer space. Empty closets can often be used to housed taller, upright models.

Distance Versus Immediate Needs

If you plan to use the new freezer as the only source of frozen foods, you will want to place this appliance as close to the kitchen as possible. Using this appliance as an extra source of space might make it more practical for placing in a back room, garage or basement area. Plan ahead for comfort so that you will not become frustrated at the chosen location down the road.

Long Term Commitment

Even the smallest of freezer units can hold an enormous amount of food. This is not something you want to load and unload on a regular basis. The purchase of a freezer is a genuinely long term commitment, which makes planning the placement more critical. Typically avoid the purchase of any size larger than what you are capable of handling in the case of a move. This practical rule of thumb will serve you well.

Style to Fit Preferred Area

The function of a freezer must be taken into account before settling on the perfect location. An upright model will have to have the needed space to open the doors to the side. A chest-type model will need plenty of overhead clearance to open the door. Having uninterrupted access is needed, especially if you are ever struggling with an armload of food that needs to be placed inside the freezer. Opening the door all the way gives you maximum area to work with.

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