Railing Material Tips For Balkon

• For minimalist building designs, railings and basic materials used must be as simple as possible. One way is to make a square balcony with vertical or horizontal railing.


• As for the classic house, the railing used can be in the form of carved iron which is detailed with circular accents and is given an element of flora. The tip of the balcony can be curved.


• For a country concept house, the balcony can be designed in style by giving dark elements. The railing material used for the balcony of the country house should be made of wood or gypsum which exposes flashes.

At first, the balcony was only made to beautify the residence because it was designed not too big and did not put any interior on the balcony. The balcony in the design as simple as possible and the placement of the balcony is usually in front of the main bedroom on the upper floor, there is also a balcony designed placed in front of the family room upstairs. So that this simple balcony not only serves to beautify the dwelling and as one of the home decoration ornaments, but also serves as a good air circulation door and as access to sunlight. if you are interested in iron railing, you can also visit Custom Iron Railings


Before really going to beautify the occupancy by using the balcony as one of the ornaments to decorate the residential facade, then there are some things that need to be considered. If indeed the goal is to stabilize air circulation and as access to light on the upper floors, the thing that needs to be considered is the direction of sunlight. We recommend that you put the balcony does not lead when the sun goes down, usually the sun during the afternoon tends to be hotter, drier and destructive.


The variety of this type of material makes it easy to choose one of which is tailored to the needs and choose a unique canopy or in accordance with the interior of the dwelling to make it look more attractive and look beautiful. Or if possible plant trees that can cover or give shade and can absorb the afternoon sun so that on the balcony and inside the house feels cool.