Where and When Do Wildfires Start?

Wildfire is an unplanned or accidental fire that consumes plant materials and everything on its way. It is difficult to control it, and it happens mostly on earth with moist climates that feature shrubs and trees. At the same time, it can occur during dry and warm periods when plant material tends to ablaze.

We can define wildfire with numerous definitions and create a wide array of subcategories such as desert fires, bushfires, brush fires, grass fires, forest fires, vegetation fires and many more.

In some cases, it happens due to the presence of charcoal in fossil records, and according to scientists wildfire was present on earth since the very beginning. Even if you have fire protection storage tank, that won’t help you if you do not know what happened and why the wildfire is coming to you.

The areas where the most wildfire happens are in the Western Cape of South Africa, vegetated areas of Australia, as well as dry forests of Europe and North America. For instance, in North America, the periods of summer especially in grasslands and forests are prone to it since the increase of high winds and dead fuels in the wind.

They Are Dangerous To Humans

Wildfires are especially dangerous nowadays because we are seeing that the Earth temperature is rising and when you combine that with urban expansion and ability to use technology, that creates a perfect setting for a wildfire to start a tragedy.

In the USA, the residential development brought us to the point to merge rural and suburban zones, especially if they are surrounded with grassland hills and woodland prairies. A wildfire tends to start by lightning or any other cause. It can burn a segment of the forest, but take hundreds of homes as well.

The most problems happen in the Western USA especially during fall and summer while wildfires in Southern parts are most difficult to fight in early spring and late winter when fallen leaves, branches, and other materials dry out and become highly combustible.

Since urban creep is combined today with existing forests, that could ultimately lead to significant property damage that could lead to various injuries and even fatality. Since growing zones are expanding close to rural areas and forests, the wildfire consequences could be devastating.

That is the main reason why wildfires have become major concerns for the federal government in the last few years due to severe expenses that it makes to the overall economy.

How to Control the Wildfire?

Humans are incorporating multiple strategies when it comes to controlling wildfires, and they’ve changed over last decade dozens of times. It can range from suppressing it at all costs, to let it go to burn itself, in case that is not close to urban areas.

Professional fire control experts have used a combination of human aversion and fear to bring an effort that will help eliminate fires immediately as soon as they happen. However, that resulted in catastrophic injuries and fatalities, and if we neglect everything and let it burn, the results will be devastating for nature and vegetation.

For instance, in Yellowstone National Park, fire experts wanted to find a way to deal with and prevent all wildfires, and that lead to the inferno of 1988 when the one-third of the park was completely burned down since the prevention caused a buildup of dry materials in the forest.

Science understands that fires are vital for the ecosystem of the plants, so the cleansing of forests will rejuvenate the landscape and will boost the self-production of tree species and their ability to survive.

If we use the same example of Yellowstone National Park, today, thirty years after devastating fires, the new grassland features more robust animal population and forest than before. Today’s control efforts are aimless in preventing fires than controlling their route that will help replace vegetation and increase the amount of fuel.

Check this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellowstone_National_Park if you want to learn more on Yellowstone National Park.

When grasslands or woods catch fire, they won’t be allowed to burn without supervision, because then experts could control it to prevent it from passing urban areas. Controlled explosions are used with the deliberate idea to avoid future problems and reduce the fuel amount in the air.

So we can easily say that total prevention of wildfires will bring the opposite effect, so the idea is to find a way to control them instead.